Businesses continually strive to strike a balance between furthering their objectives and managing the accompanying risks. Safeguarding and protecting your business interests and reputation from the potential impact of a major incident is paramount to DAC Beachcroft.

Yet, even with the soundest strategies, this delicate equilibrium can be jarred by an unexpected crisis that threatens business continuity, employee welfare, customer confidence and even a company’s financial foundation.

It is because of this that DAC Beachcroft’s crisis management experts have developed a new holistic service, including a market exclusive Crisis Room app, offering support throughout each of the key stages of crisis management. From preparing, to responding, and reviewing a crisis, our tailored approach can provide the level of support that’s right for your business. Our easy to use app draws together the many angles of crisis management, and offers a digital location dedicated to managing risk within a business.

Whether you’re in need of helpline access to the right lawyer for immediate advice, a range of prepared guidance and best practice documents, or a secure virtual platform to manage an ongoing crisis, our Crisis Room app is here to help, anytime, anywhere.


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Crisis Management Services 

Our Crisis Room app can support your organisation with:

- Access to a 24/7 rapid response helpline service;

- Advice, training and testing for a possible crisis;

- A secure location to manage an ongoing crisis; and

- Enabling a culture of “lessons learned” and improved resilience.

“Balancing risk and growth effectively is an ongoing dilemma for organisations today. A crisis can disrupt even the soundest of business strategies if it isn’t properly managed. From a data breach, to an environmental incident or a product recall, our app enables our clients to respond swiftly to a major incident at any time and from anywhere.”  

Helen Faulkner, Head of Insurance at DACB

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24/7 helpline triage system

Guidance and best practice documents and templates

Training and consultancy services in pre and post crisis

Secure virtual crisis management room with expert legal support


We recognise that our clients want a comprehensive, yet bespoke crisis response capability. Our app offers 4 varying levels of support, from Level 1 our core helpline, through to Level 4 our full crisis management service.